How we handle negative situations in our lives

Bette Burgess
Bette Burgess

Mother Nature or the Tree Elves struck when everyone was asleep.

A previous week’s rain soaked old dead limbs that no longer held leaves or acted as a chlorophyll factory for the main tree trunk of one of the many oak trees in our yard. Periodically, these rain-soaked ancient limbs fall, looking almost prehistoric with the fungus, lichen and mushroom like fans that live on them.

This time, one huge limb took aim at my son’s car. One part made a large dimple in his roof, and then a 2 1/2 foot piece shattered his back windshield, sending splintered shards out across the gravel driveway. The force of the impact also sent shards inward and most settled around the tree limb, while a handful of glass shrapnel landed in the passenger’s floorboards. The tree limb took up residence in his Honda Accord station wagon.

The rest of the limb, a 5-foot chunk, lay on the ground behind the car. Sprinkled inside the car and on the ground behind the car lay a Mosaic of blue, arctic ice mixed with small limbs and gravel. The broken, blue ice windshield glinting in the sun was a bright piece of unexpected art.

Joe Shuping, owner of Asheboro Body Shop, walked over to survey the damage and pointed out a V-dent in the back panel that would have to be fixed before a new windshield could be installed. The signature H for Honda, also knocked off by the limb, lay like a signature to the blue ice mosaic.

Beside the unexpected artwork was the fact that the car is suddenly air-conditioned. With only the driver’s window working because of the electrical system having a mind of its own, his car is like riding in a 450 degree oven.

The insurance adjuster from State Farm arrived at 1 p.m. to witness another example of Mother Nature’s Artwork. The insurance adjuster said with all the damage and dents to his 1994 Honda Accord, it was a total loss. So we shovel up the mosaic, pick up the limbs and life returns to normal, while we wait for another surprise from the Tree Elves or Mother Nature.

Out of this total loss, I saw a work of art mosaic and now my son will be able to buy a car with an air-conditioner that works.
How we look at loss and the positives we can see in negative situations is what makes us who we are.

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