iedmont Paranormal Peacock by MJ Spencer

Finding plane that crashed most amazing experience so far

I have often been asked about what is the coolest experience I have ever had as a medium. Well, I don’t know if the plane crash event was the coolest experience, but it was the most profound moment in my journey.

One day, I was at lunch with my husband and I received a call from my friend, Heather. Heather frantically told me about her friend, Felicia. Felicia’s husband, Dave, had taken off with his friend in a small Cessna plane. Dave was the passenger and this flight was only supposed to take a few hours. However, Dave’s plane never made it to the 2nd airport and the plane had been missing for 5 days.

Heather had called me to see if I could pick up anything on the missing plane. I explained to Heather that I did not know what I could do for her. Heather just asked if I could try to pick something up. I told Heather not to tell me anything more about the plane (such as location, etc.). Heather agreed.

iedmont Paranormal Peacock by MJ Spencer
iedmont Paranormal Peacock by MJ Spencer

I immediately saw dark, murky water in tall, thick grass and vegetation. I could see this white plane submerged in this dark, murky water. I grabbed a notepad and wrote all this down. Then I texted Heather and told her about what I had picked up. Heather confirmed that what I was seeing fit the area they were searching. I once again asked her not to give me the location.

Heather said the sheriff’s department was heading a search-rescue mission and they had nothing. Apparently, the Civil Air Patrol and a search rescue team with the Marines were assisting (because he was in the military).

I did not want to know what Dave looked like or any other details. The next day, I tried to concentrate on connecting with this man, Dave (if he had passed).

I saw an image of a dark-headed man in his 30s playing with a golden retriever. I called Heather and asked her if this could be Dave.

Heather confirmed my description was Dave and that Dave had a golden retriever that he loved and took everywhere with him. Just on this day, he decided not to bring the dog.

I began to see this river that was like a snake (very curvy). As the information came to me, I would text Heather, and then she would text Felicia (who I had never met).

I saw the plane going over a dam that was southwest of the last airport. I could see a metal tower that stood above the trees and small roads that were winding through thick forest and vegetation.

When Heather gave this information to Felicia, their family was stunned. I had described (in detail) the search area. Felicia’s parents wanted to fly me to the search location to assist more. I graciously declined. That seemed like a lot of responsibility to take on.

After I declined to be flown there, Felicia sent a shirt and hat of Dave’s with Heather. Heather flew back to Asheboro and met with me.

I will admit I was nervous to hold those items. I had never done anything so major before. I first held the hat in my hand. I began to see a scene of someone flying in a helicopter over the desert. I felt they were searching for something. However, I knew this was a memory of Dave’s and not what was currently happening. He made me feel proud of what he was doing.

I relayed this to Heather and she immediately called Felicia. Felicia told Heather that Dave did search and rescue missions in Arizona with the military and that he adored doing that.

I then recalled a fight between Dave and Felicia the night before he left. There was something about a disagreement about his dog. Dave wanted me to tell Felicia not to consider that a fight and that it meant nothing. Heather contacted Felicia and Felicia confirmed the argument the night before did happen about the dog.

I picked up the shirt and I felt such pain on the right side of my body that I had to put the shirt down. I took a deep breath and picked the shirt back up.

I saw the plane flip over into the water and sink. Heather’s husband grabbed his laptop and asked me to start describing the scene of the accident. I described the water, the tower, the small patch of white sand. He turned the laptop around and asked if the picture on his laptop was what I was seeing. He had looked on a map to where I was describing.

When I saw it, I knew that was where the plane was. Heather called Felicia. The sheriff told Felicia to tell me to tell her the place on the map to look and he would send a search party there (since I had been so accurate) at first light. I told them where I saw the white plane. Heather told me the plane was green. I knew that I saw white.

The next morning, Heather called me. They had found the plane within 15 feet of where I told them to look. Heather let me know that the plane was upside down in the water. She told me that the bottom of the plane was white and you could only see this if the plane was upside down.

I have to say that was the most amazing experience I have had so far.

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