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Making sure your pet is a cancer survivor

When a family member is sick, the whole family is affected. And when the family member happens to be the family pet, it is not much easier.

Like humans, pets can suffer everything from common colds to cancer. You know when your pet has the sniffles, but how would you know that your pet has cancer, and how would you treat it?

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Dealing with life’s storms

Contributor photo of Geri L. Welker
Geri L. Welker

I recently saw and shared a Facebook post which stated, “Stupid Cancer. … Some of us want a new house … a new car … a new cell phone … to lose weight … but someone battling cancer wants just one thing, to win the battle.”

I am going to admit that sometimes, much more frequently in the past couple of years, I have whined or fretted about something that simply was minuscule. I have hoped to attain something that simply was unimportant even though at the moment it was my focus.

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